Volunteer for the Day summer school


I am a 29 year old Malawian activist who holds a Bachelors Degree of Arts majoring in Public Administration and Sociology.

I want to be the change I want to see therefore I have been proactively involved in numerous empowerment projects and volunteer work, in my past I have been involved in: educating and advocating for adolescents, campaigning against child trafficking, promoting gender equality, career development initiatives, counselling and mentoring. My passions have always been in facilitations and trainings for young women, sharing knowledge and skills to equip them for the world at hand.

Having recently moved to Finland, I was driven to not simply stay at home and do nothing. Through the Girls House I met with Aruna Somani. I shared my interests and my desire to volunteer and help where I could and she shared about the work that she does and invited me to one of her sessions. That is how I was able to volunteer for the Day summer school. There we played, made art, visited the library and Ainola park.

I would recommend volunteering to another young person especially working with children.

We learn so much from children, they are honest and pure.  We get to play and to have fun without boundaries. I was also happily able to practice my Finnish language with them.

I would be very excited and happy to continue work as a volunteer hopefully being able to learn more about the work Vuolle does in different departments and fields. I would like to advise other young people to be willing to volunteer and be willing to learn.

Networking is key in building your career and broadening your understanding of work. Volunteering is also a great way to give back to the community and the people around, it is very fulfilling work.


Olen 29-vuotias malawilainen. Haluan muutosta ja olen sen vuoksi toiminut useissa eri vapaaehtoistehtävissä. Olen mm. kouluttanut ja puolustanut nuoria, kampanjoinut lapsikauppaa vastaan ja kannattanut sukupuolten tasa-arvoa.

Olin juuri muuttanut Suomeen, eikä minulla ollut mitään tekemistä, kunnes tapasin Tyttöjen Talolla Aruna Somanin ja kerroin kiinnostuksestani vapaaehtoistyöhön. Sitä kautta päädyin Day summer schoolin vapaaehtoiseksi. Day summer school -leirillä leikittiin, tehtiin taidetta, tutustuttiin kirjastoon ja käytiin piknikillä Ainolan puistossa.

Suosittelen vapaaehtoistyötä muillekin nuorille. Opimme lapsilta niin paljon, he ovat rehellisiä ja aitoja. Pidimme hauskaa ilman rajoja ja sain myös harjoitella suomen kieltä heidän kanssaan. Vapaaehtoistyö on myös hyvä tapa verkostoitua ja kehittyä työuraa ajatellen.

Muokattu viimeksi: 10.11.2020